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On December the 30th
Diplomatic relations between Israel and the Vatican were established for the first time.
The television series The Wonderful World of Disney was cancelled by the NBC channel after 25 years of production.
American serial killer, Ted Bundy, escaped from his cell in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and goes on to murder 3 more people before being caught again.
American golfer, Tiger Woods, was born in California. He is ranked among the most successful golfers of all time.
American boxer, Sonny Liston, died at the age of 38. Although he was the world heavyweight boxing champion he was one of the least public features to have ever been crowned champion in boxing.
Ferdinand Marcos became President of the Philippines. He served as president from 1965 to 1986. While he was elected in 1965, in 1972 he declared martial law which he didn't lift until 1981. He was, however, re-elected, the same year and served another term as president until the next elections were marred by tampering scandals which eventually led to his downfall.
American singer, Patti Smith, was born in Chicago, Illinois.
American actor, Fred Ward, was born in San Diego, California. He is most known for his participation in the films, Escape from Alcatraz and The Right Stuff. Before becoming an actor he was a boxer, and also worked as a lumberjack in Alaska.
American musician, Bo Diddley, was born in McComb, Mississippi. He was one of the most influential figures of the early rock and roll era.
The first subway train line in Asia, opened in Tokyo.
A fire at a theatre in Chicago, Illinois killed 600 people.
British writer, Rudyard Kipling, was born in India. He was a writer who was one of the most celebrated of the start of the 20th century, and is best known for his children's book, The Jungle Book. In 1907 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, becoming both the youngest person and the first English language writer to ever receive the award.
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