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On March the 28th
A massive earthquake, measuring at magnitude 8.7, hit Indonesia, killing 1300 people.
British actor, Peter Ustinov, died at the age of 83 in Switzerland. He was an actor that had participated in some of the classic films of his time, such as Qvo Vadis and Spartacus, he is best remembered though for his portraying of the detective Hercule Poirot.
American athlete, Jesse Owens, was awarded the US congressional gold medal, 10 years after his death. He had taken part in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany where he won four gold medals, under the eyes of Adolf Hitler.
Russian painter, Marc Chagall, died at the age of 97 in France. He was one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century.
The, Three Mile Island, nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, USA, suffered a reactor cooling system failure causing a partial nuclear meltdown. No lives were lost in the incident and the reactor was brought under control before reaching critical levels.
American actor, Vince Vaughn, was born in Minnesota, USA.
The first unsanctioned (pirate) radio station was established in England. The station broadcast its signal from a ship that was anchored off the coast of Southern England.
American athlete, Jim Thorpe, died of a heart attack at the age of 65. He is still considered today one of the most versatile athletes of all time, having won Olympic medals in decathlon and pentathlon, as well as playing professional football, basketball and baseball.
American actress, Dianne Wiest, was born in Missouri, USA. She became famous after staring in Woody Allen's film, Hannah and Her Sisters, in 1986, for which she won the academy award for best supporting actress.
Russian composer and pianist, Sergei Rachmaninoff, died in Beverly Hills, California, at the age of 70. His music was banned in the Soviet Union for many years.
General, Francisco Franco, conquered Madrid during the Spanish civil war.
The cities of Constantinople and Angora are renamed to Istanbul and Ankara respectively.
Russian author, Maxim Gorky, was born in Novgorod, Russia. He was one of the most highly acclaimed literary figures of his time and friend of Vladimir Lenin. He was a controversial figure, supportive and yet critical of the Soviet Communist regime.
United Kingdom and France declare war on Russia marking the beginning of the War of the Crimean.
Italian, Renaissance artist, Fra Bartolommeo, was born in Florence, Italy.
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