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On March the 10th
Israeli attack helicopters destroyed the offices of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in Gaza City. The destruction had come as reprisals for the death of 11 Israelis who were killed in a suicide bombing a few hours earlier.
Prince Charles of England, narrowly escaped an avalanche while skiing in Switzerland. The avalanche did however claim the life of one of his closest friends.
Soviet politician, Konstantin Chernenko, died at the age of 74. He was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union who died only 13 months after his ascent to the leadership of the Soviet Union.
Czech fashion model, Eva Herzigova, was born in Litvinov. She was one of the most popular fashion models of the 1990's. She is also know for her marriage to Tico Torres, the drummer of the music band Bon Jovi.
Neil Simon's play ''The Odd Couple'' premiered on Broadway.
American actress, Sharon Stone, was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She was a largely unsuccessful actress until she got her big break in the movie, Basic Instinct. The role of Catherine Tramell, that made her famous, was offered to 13 women before her.
General Fulgencio Batista lead a coup in Cuba. He remained in power until 1959 when Fidel Castro's guerrilla movement overthrew his regime
American actor and martial arts master, Chuck Norris, was born in Oklahoma. He was one of the most successful martial artists of the 20th century who later became a popular action movies actor. His first appearance in movies was in Bruce Lee's, Way of the Dragon.
American assassin, James Earl Ray, was born in Alton, Illinois. He was the convicted killer of black American civil rights leader Martin Luther King.
During the course of the Philippine-American war, American troops massacred approximately 600 men, women and children who had taken refuge within a crater in the Philippines.
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) became a French colony. It remained a colony until its independence in 1960.
The French Foreign Legion was established by King Louis Philippe in an effort to garner support for his war in Algeria.
King Charles I of England dissolved Parliament. It was the start of what has been known as the, Eleven Years Tyranny, during which there was no parliament. After a civil war with the forces of Parliament, King Charles was defeated, arrested, tried & executed in 1649. The monarchy was abolished, and a republic was established, called the Commonwealth of England. The monarchy was restored in 1660 with the installation of Charle's son, Charles II, as king.
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