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In the year 1856
The Crimean War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. The war was fought between Imperial Russia on one side and an alliance of France, the United Kingdom, and the Ottoman Empire on the other. It ended with the defeat of Russia.
French general, Philippe Petain, was born in Cauchy-a-la-Tour, France. He was an army general who later became the head of state of the Vichy government in World War 2 France. He collaborated with the Nazis on many issues and was sentenced to death after the end of the war, although his sentenced was commuted to life imprisonment.
Serb-American inventor, Nikola Tesla, was born in Smiljan. He is considered as one of the most revolutionary scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries, who had a tremendous impact on the fields of electricity and magnetism.
Irish writer, George Bernard Shaw, was born in Dublin, Ireland. After those of William Shakespeare, his plays are some of the most widely produced in English language theatre.
A severe hurricane in Louisiana, USA killed approximately 400 people.
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