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On October the 23th
A strong earthquake hit Niigata in northern Japan. The quake caused the death of 35 people and the injuring of several thousands.
Chechen terrorists seized the House of Culture theatre in Moscow and took over 900 people hostage. There were 33 terrorists involved, all of whom, were killed when Russian special forces raided the theatre after first dispersing some form of knock-out gas in the building. Unfortunately 128 hostages also died from the inhalation of the gas used.
The first iPod was released by Apple in the USA.
The Swatch Internet Time was first introduced. Instead of hours and minutes, the day is divided into 1000 ".beats", each ".beat" equals 1 minute and 26.4 seconds.
The Hungarian Republic was officially declared, in effect replacing the Hungarian People's Republic. Hungary was the first of the eastern block countries to shift towards democracy.
The Yom Kippur war between Syria and Israel, officially ends after a UN imposed cease-fire goes into effect.
Belgian cartoonist, Peyo, introduced his new comic characters, The Smurfs.
Brazilian footballer, Pele, was born in the city of Tres Coracoes, Brazil. He was born, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, but has been known throughout the world by his nickname. He is considered as one of the greatest footballers of all time and is the only one to ever win three World Cups.
American film director, Philip Kaufman, was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is a famous director / screenwriter who has directed such movies as "The Right Stuff" and "Rising Sun". He is also credited with writing the story of the original Indiana Jones movie.
New York gangster, Dutch Schultz, was fatally shot in a bar in Newark, New Jersey, along with his bodyguards by three hit men of the organization that has been known as Murder Incorporated.
The first passenger flight between the east and west coast of the United states begins, connecting New York to Los Angeles.
American television persona, Johnny Carson, was born in Iowa, USA. He was a legendary television persona who hosted the famous "The Tonight Show" for 30 years.
Over thirty thousand women march up Fifth Avenue in New York City protesting the right to vote.
American actor, Gummo Marx, was born in New York City. He was part of the Marx Brothers group, that marked the stage with its unique comedy style during the first half of the 20th century.
American chemist, Gilbert N. Lewis, was born in Massachusetts, USA. He was one of the most famous chemists / physicists of the 19th-20th centuries and the person who came up with the term "Photon".
42 BC 
The battle of Philippi took place where the forces of Brutus were defeated by those of Mark Antony and Octavian. After the battle Brutus commited suicide.
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