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On October the 14th
American composer and conductor, Leonard Bernstein, died at the age of 72. He is considered as one of the most successful American composers of all time and probably the most recognized conductor of his time.
Then Vice President, Hosni Mubarak ascended to the presidency of Egypt, one week after President Anwar Sadat was assassinated. 25 years later (2006) he is still the President of Egypt.
A march in support of the rights of Gay people took place in Washington, D.C. Over 200,000 people attended the march, which was the first of its kind.
American singer and actor, Bing Crosby, died at the age 74. He is considered as one of the most successful entertainers of the 20th century and probably the first ever multi-media star. He was a hugely successful, actor, singer as well as radio personality.
The 10 second barrier in the men's 100 meter race was broken for the first time by American sprinter, Jim Hines, during the Olympics at Mexico City with a time of 9.95 sec. The world record of Jim Hines stood for almost 15 years, until 1983.
Leonid Brezhnev became general secretary of the communist party and leader of the Soviet Union, succeeding Nikita Khrushchev.
Australian actor, Errol Flynn, died a the age of 50. He was one of the favourite holywood stars of the 30's and 40's and stared mostly in flamboyant action roles. He died of a heart attack and was later accused of having been a Nazi spy and sympathizer.
British troops marched into Athensm after the retreat of the German armies.
German field marshall, Erwin Rommel, died at the age of 53. He is considered as one of the great military minds of all time who was also part of a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. He was forced to commit suicide, presumably for his role in the failed assassination attempt.
Zairian dictator. Joseph Mobutu, was born in Lisala, Belgian Congo. He rose to power in Zair after a coup d'etat and remained in power for 32 years, up until his death from prostate cancer in 1997.
English actor, Roger Moore, was born in Stockwell, England. He is best known for his roles as, Simon Templar in the hit television series "The Saint" (1962 - 1969), and as James Bond in the hit film series (1973 to 1985).
The children's book Winnie-the-Pooh, by A.A. Milne, was first published.
Irish politician, Eamon de Valera, was born in New York City. He was one of the most influential Irish political figures of the 20th century and one leader of Ireland's struggle for independence from the United Kingdom.
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