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On October the 9th
North Korea allegedly detonated its first nuclear device (weapon).
Smoking was banned from anywhere in the United Kingdom's rail network.
Democratic elections were held for the first time in the history of Afghanistan.
Austrian businessman, Oskar Schindler, died at the age of 66. He was a business man in Nazi Germany who went to extensive lengths to save the Jewish workers of his factories from the horrors of the Holocaust. He was named a Righteous Gentile by the Jewish State, which is the highest honour conferred to a non-Jewish person by the state of Israel and was buried at the Christian Cemetery at Mount Zion in Jerusalem.
Argentine revolutionary and guerilla leader, Che Guevara, was executed after being captured by the local army in Bolivia. After his death, Guevara became an icon of socialist revolutionary movements worldwide.
Uganda became a republic. The republic stood only 4 years before it was overthrown by then Prime Minister Milton Obote. To the day there has never been a restoration of the republic in Uganda, which has gone form one dictator to another, with the most notable being the infamous Idi Amin, whose regime was responsible for the death of more than 300,000 civilians.
French singer, France Gall, was born in Paris. She had won first place in the Eurovision song contest, while representing Luxenburg and also became a huge hit, in 1988, when she released the song "Ella, elle l'a" which reached the top of the charts in many countries simultaneously.
Prime Minister of Turkey, Tansu Ciller, was born in Istanbul. She was Turkey's first and only so far (2006) female prime minister.
British musician, John Lennon, was born in Liverpool, England. He is best known as the founding member of music band, The Beatles.
King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Louis Barthou, Foreign Minister of France were assassinated by Bulgarian-born revolutionary, Vlado Chernosemski, while in Marseille, France.
The Great Chicago Fire was brought under control. It was one of the biggest disasters in the history of the United States during the 19th century in which several hundred people died and most of the city was destroyed.
The most recent supernova was observed in the Milky Way galaxy.
The Hangul alphabet was first published in Korea. The Hangul is the native alphabet of the Korean language.
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