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On September the 17th
The first version of the Linux operating system was released on the Internet.
Opening ceremony of the Games of the 24th Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea.
Vanessa Williams became the first ever African-American Miss America. She was forced to resign her title in 1984, when was discovered that 2 years earlier she had posed nude for photographs.
A Canadian steam ship, the SS Noronic, caught fire in Toronto Harbour, the blaze claimed the lives of more than 110 people.
Jewish terrorist group, Lehi, assassinated Count Folke Bernadotte, who was appointed by the United Nations to be the mediator between the Arabs and Jews.
Allied troops parachuted into Holland as part of Operation Market Garden. The aim of the operation was to secure the bridges of the Rhine River. Although the operation was initially a success it had a devastating cost of lives lost for the allies and it failed to capture the bridge of Arnhem.
The National Football League (NFL) was first organized in the United States.
The United States officially became a country. This day is celebrated as the 'Constitution day' of the United States.
The city of Boston, Massachusetts, was founded.
King Charles VI of France expelled all Jews from France.
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